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Team Names

Team Names published on 5 Comments on Team Names

And we’re all caught up!

Mario’s Day Job will resume updates after the holidays. Sorry about the sudden hiatus, the changes to Smack Jeeves really threw me for a loop. They were so much worse than I expected. 🙁

I still need to get the website more mobile friendly and tag characters and storylines.

Anyway, I let my nephew name some of my Pokemon and his ideas are very different than mine 🙂

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Now that I can’t just look on my subscription page to see whether or not there are any updates (and I honestly haven’t figured out how rss works yet…)
What’s your update schedule?

smackjeeves really effed things up. the urls even went to hell.
i mean how the hell is this:
an improvement over this:

I don’t know. It makes no sense.

I honestly think that new SJ is the worst sudden change that I’ve ever seen to a website. Other websites have made gradual changes over the years that have made me use them less or stop altogether, but I think this is the first time that a sudden change made me quit like this.

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