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Foes of Mineral Town

Foes of Mineral Town published on No Comments on Foes of Mineral Town

I’ve been playing Story of Season Friends of Mineral Town, which is a remake of the GBA game, Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town (which itself was a port of Harvest Moon Back to Nature).

All of the characters have new designs and a few have new names. For continuity’s sake, characters who previously appeared in MDJ will keep their original names and their appearances will be a blend of the old and new designs. Characters who never appeared in MDJ will all have their new designs and names.

Museum Musing

Museum Musing published on No Comments on Museum Musing

When I first started my island I just plopped the museum down wherever it would fit, since I knew I could move it later. So as soon as I could, I moved it across the river. Then I thought it would look better if it was further back from the river bank. I wanted to align the museum up directly with the bridge, but you can’t do that, so I decided to move the museum to another spot entirely. I think it’s good where it is now, but this comic won’t be published for a few weeks, so by then who knows?

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